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Dear Keep,

This rare specimen which has curiously attached itself to our kitchen walls is not really as exotic as some would believe.  In fact, scientists have commented on its quite faithful reoccurance at the beginning of each semester.  Operari interim they have named it, but yeofolk call it the Interim Work Chart.  Strangely enough, studies have shown that it will stick around until coopers affix their names to its pale white skin.  At some point, on some night, which remains a mystery to modern science, Operari interim experiences a magical metamorphosis, becoming Operari permanens.*  As an experienced work chart observer, I must say the moment of transformation is truly a beautiful sight to behold.  So sign up for your hours, please.  Otherwise, we’ll all look like figure 2.1.

Your humble Servant,
Theophanus van Coopmuch

*excerpt from the Extremely Unfactual Coop Journal of Science and Mythology 

(Source: keepcoop)

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