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The Man Who Died In His Boat


This is something I’m working on for the fiction 320 workshop at Oberlin College. I’m not totally sure where I want to go with it, the basic story is: boy runs away in small town, people try to find him from different perspectives, they can’t. Someone is a suspect. Maybe it’s the wrong guy, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s whatever you want it to be.

It’s really heavily influenced by named after the new Grouper album. You should definitely take a listen to it.

I’d love some criticisms, I have a lot of problem w/ coherence. I’ve had professors in workshops use the word “opaque” before, and I just realized like a month ago that that isn’t a compliment.

Anyways. Click read more if you want to see the first six or so pages.

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Heartbeat Bill vs. Oberlin SURF


SURF has been really successful this week! We had people tabling and calling representatives and senate. For just one example of our success, on Thursday we made over 60 phone calls in just two hours! We also got 10 or 11 pages worth of signatures over the week and lots of substantial conversations took place with lots of information being presented to the campus.

Have any additional info on how students can help SURF out?

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This. Is. So awesome.


This is a representation of a video installation  that I designed while at the IRCAM in Paris. The max patch randomly picks a sound file from a data base of about 50 different sounds all different interpretations of the poem Le Voyage by Charles Baudelaire. The sounds were then processed through delays, gains, and a spacialization tool developed at the IRCAM and set between ranges that I pre-determined although in every performance I did not know where in the range the audio file would land. The final data from all the various audio processes was then used to control both video play back and processing. The things that remained constant are the order or the videos that are played and the background drone track. The installation was originally meant for a quad set up but for this post obviously it is in stereo.

I recommend headphones. 

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