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Oberlin College Office of Career Services: 2/26 & 2/27 - Info Webinar: Careers in Community Organizing for Social Justice


Careers in Community Organizing for Social Justice are available to Oberlin students and alums!

The Direct Action & Research Training (DART) Center will be hosting two online information sessions — Tuesday, February 26 at 8pm and Wednesday, February 27 at 8pm — to discuss careers in the field…

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I'm wondering if there's a lot of opportunities for social justice in the town of Oberlin. I've seen a lot about active student activism clubs, but is there a lot of off campus activism as well? Also, I was reading about the Bonner program, which looks amazing, but if I didn't want to commit to that, would there still be a lot of social justice activities to get involved in, on or off campus? I'm looking in particular for community organizing and gender equality groups. Thanks!

Most social justice activities that involve off campus activism start with a touch-point at Oberlin College. In addition to the Bonner Scholars program, the Bonner Center helps coordinate any number of off-campus opportunities for service and civic engagement — the first of which is an annual Day of Service for all incoming students hosted during the weekend of orientation. All the service locations during the Day of Service are within the town of Oberlin or the surrounding Lorain Country.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the Community Service Resource Center (you can even sign up for their mailing list now if you’re wondering what kind of things they’re coordinating this year), anything under the co-curricular section of the BCSL website or you can take a look around the Oberlin Serves wiki. The Bonner Center also helps students with winter term projects — both with sourcing/placement and with sponsorship.

Since they’re going to know about more opportunities for community organizing and gender equality groups than I will, I’m going to direct you to the Bonner Center here on Tumblr (here’s their ask box, too).

Hope this helps!

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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Anonymous asked: hey yall! i'm wondering about how much social activism goes on at oberlin on and off campus. i saw a list of some groups that looked really interesting, but are they that active? thanks!

Hello! I’m not sure how to best answer this question, since social activism and social justice is so widespread around campus and such a mainstay of our campus community, so I’m going to give you the opportunity to read first-person written pieces about how this manifests itself on campus/in our student body:

Is there a specific group or cause you’re interested in learning more about? Send us another ask with details!

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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A group of incoming students spend the end of orientation participating in the Social Justice Institute, sponsored by the Oberlin College Dialogue Center (part of the Office of the Ombudsperson). The institute spanned two days and explored issues of privilege and oppression, classism, heterosexism, racism, and sexism.

More photos from Social Justice Institute 2011 can be viewed on Flickr.

Photos by Jennifer Manna.

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Pioneer, Reverend, Author: Robert W Wood ‘51

From Hannah Clay Wareham, in Bay Windows, on Rev. Robert W. Wood ‘51.

"February marks the fiftieth anniversary of the book Christ and the Homosexual, a pioneering effort that aimed to welcome gay men and lesbians into Christianity without demanding that they give up being gay.

Written by openly gay clergyman Rev. Robert W. Wood, 1960’s Christ and the Homosexual (Vantage Press) was the second book ever published to include the word “homosexual” in the title — and the first to be publicly sold bearing the author’s real name. Wood’s photo also appeared on the dust jacket and his congregation was identified in the book.”

More here.

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