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bigsuth asked: Hey there! I am a student who will be a freshman this fall and I had two questions that I was hoping you might be able to answer. First of all, can use take a course and use it to fulfill both a requirement for a major and a minor (for example, using a physics course for a math major and using it for a minor in physics)? Second, is there a rally band or pep band that plays at football games and other events? If so, do you know the process for joining?

Hello incoming Obie! We’re so glad you’ll be joining us this fall.

Yes, many courses offered at Oberlin serve as fulfillments of more than one graduation requirement, including majors and minors. When declaring your majors/minors, you are asked to list the courses you have already taken and plan to take to complete your course of study, which is then signed by your academic advisor and by the registrar’s office. If a course is listed on your declaration form or falls under the normal course of study, you’ll be just fine. If you add a course later that hasn’t been approved, you’ll be asked to get another form signed before those credits count toward your major requirements (it’s quite easy, though. The registrar’s office is incredibly helpful!).

The Oberlin College Marching Band is a student organization and an Experimental College course, which means that you have two opportunities to get involved. The band varies in size and instrument types every year, but they play at club sports games in the fall and spring and in the Big Parade every May. Their website doesn’t appear to have been updated since the fall, but shoot them an email for more information. I saw them playing just last week, so I know they’re active!

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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