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Reasons to Love Oberlin That are Not Squirrels or Chairs:


This list is great and it goes on from there (read more here). Feel free to continue adding to this! We’d love to see more of why you should love Oberlin tumbling across the internet.

(For what it’s worth, we think squirrels and womb chairs get folks’ attention so we can also talk about the things we have that are still totally cool and memorable when you think about them for more than a minute. Like the fact that you can enroll in music lessons taught by budding world-class musicians, or that you’re encouraged to not just take classes, but to teach them, too. If squirrels and womb chairs got your attention first, great, but WAIT there’s even more awesome stuff to see and do here!)

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All We Have is Metaphor.: Things I miss about Oberlin


Can it be September 1 RIGHT NOW PLEASE? I want to be back at school right meow. I miss everything about Oberlin, but especially the following:

1. FRIENDS. I want all of them right now. And when I see them I will hug them and kiss them and snuggle them forever.

2. FAIRKID. Oh my god I miss co-op…

Can’t wait for you and everyone else to return!

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