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Did you know that Kahn is a LEED Certified Building?


As a LEED Gold building, Kahn residence hall has a number of green features: natural ventilation in all bedrooms, contacts on windows that turn off heating and cooling when a window is opened, and natural daylight visible from all positions of primary spaces of the building. The most effective measure is the conservation behavior of the residents. Residents sign a “sustainability pledge” prior to moving in that includes such actions as not bringing an automobile to school.

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Anonymous asked: Is it hard to get into Kahn? Are there are a lot of competitive applications?

From the First Year Experience Area Coordinator:

There are at least 200 applications for just under 150 spots each year. So, if you have a quality application that is in by the deadline you have a great chance! 

Plug: if you want to know more about FYRE… you can now follow them on Tumblr, too!

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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Anonymous asked: What are the first year dorms like? Do any of them have quads? I really want one so I get to have 3 awesome roommates instead of 1!

There are three first-year experience halls on campus: Dascomb, Barrows, and Kahn. Of these three, Kahn is an application-based sustainability hall, which means you’ll have some control over whether you’ll be living there or not. If you select first-year experience as your first choice of living option and do not fill out the application for Kahn Hall, you will likely be placed in Dascomb or Barrows, but you won’t have a choice of which one.

All our first year halls are open doubles with a small handful of singles. While quads rock (like you said, three awesome roomies instead of just one!), they exist in the traditional four-year halls of North, East, and South.

To give you an idea of community in first-year experience halls, here are some Oberlin blog posts by Karl Orozco ‘13 and Ida Hoequist ‘14 (part one and part two).

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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