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Happy Birthday to us! Today marks the 95th anniversary of the official opening of the Allen Memorial Art Museum on June 12, 1917. 

From the AMAM Highlights from the Collection catalog: “As crowds gathered on June 12, 1917, beneath the William Morris quotation — “The Cause of Art is the Cause of the People” — inscribed proudly across the sandstone facade, the museum was dedicated. The first visitors passed through the front loggia with its glittering lapis lazuli - and gold-colored mosaics. Inside, they marveled at the soaring central sculpture court and gazed upward at the coffered ceiling more than thirty-five feet above, richly decorated by painter and mosaicist Frederick J. Wiley with animal and foliage designs and verses written by American transcendentalist Christopher Pearse Cranch (1813-1892).”

Happy birthday, AMAM! We were convinced you were going to have cake art, or perhaps Rainbow Bread.

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During which ‘Round Midnight sings happy birthday to Gene in our concert, Gene cries, and you can mostly only hear Chad (and his barbershopjazz harmonies). 

Constantly amazed by how many times happy birthday is sung in fantastic harmony here.

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