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'Tiny Furniture' helmer tries on television

Lena Dunham, apropos of her semiautobiographical approach to filmmaking, still lives with her parents in a Tribeca loft. (“I’m reupping a year-long lease,” she quips.) Several months ago, the 24-year-old writer-director-actress worked as a babysitter; now she’s prepping an HBO pilot with Judd Apatow, adapting a book project she is attached to direct for producer Scott Rudin and awaiting the Nov. 12 theatrical release of her second feature, “Tiny Furniture.”

Dunham, who graduated two years ago from Oberlin College with a degree in creative writing, says she was drawn to directing simply as a way to express herself, citing the same approach her mother, conceptual photographer Laurie Simmons, has to her art. “It’s not because she loves the feeling of the camera in her hand,” explains Dunham. “It’s just the medium we’ve found for telling the stories we want to tell.”

- Anthony Kaufman, Variety

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Tiny Furniture: Screening and Q & A with Lena Dunham '08

Come to the Apollo Wednesday, October 6th, 7pm, for a free screening and Q&A of Tiny Furniture, written and directed by Lena Dunham ‘08. The comedy about life after college will soon be distributed nationally by IFC Films. Lena is currently directing and starring in a pilot for an HBO series produced by Judd Apatow.

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