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Classes Canceled: Monday, March 4, 2013

Early this morning, there was a report of a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit between South and the Edmonia Lewis Center and in the vicinity of African Heritage House. This report is being investigated by both Safety and Security and the Oberlin Police Department. This event, in addition to the series of other hate-related incidents on campus, has precipitated our decision to suspend formal classes and all non-essential activities for today, Monday, March 4, 2013, and gather for a series of discussions of the challenging issues that have faced our community in recent weeks.

We hope today will allow the entire community—students, faculty, and staff—to make a strong statement about the values that we cherish here at Oberlin: inclusion, respect for others, and a strong and abiding faith in the worth of every individual. Indeed, the strength of Oberlin comes from our belief that diversity and openness enriches us all, and enhances the educational mission at its core.

We ask that all students, faculty and staff participate in the events planned for today:

12PM | Lord Lounge, Afrikan Heritage House
Teach-in led by Africana Studies Department

2PM | Wilder Bowl
Demonstration of solidarity

3:30PM | Finney Chapel
Community convocation: “We Stand Together” (previously scheduled for Wednesday 3/6 at 12PM)

When faced with difficult situations, Oberlin has consistently met the challenges and affirmed its commitment to the highest quality of education and the noblest aspirations of its community members. We believe that today’s events—and our ongoing work and discussions—will strengthen Oberlin and will strengthen us all.

Marvin Krislov, President
Sean Decatur, Dean, Arts & Sciences
David Stull, Dean, Conservatory of Music
Eric Estes, Dean of Students

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Hybrid Images: The Photography of Sculpture Tumblr


An online exhibition catalog has been published by students in Professor Sarah Hamill’s seminar on sculpture and photography (ARTS 431).

Eight photographs in the Hybrid Images exhibition, on view through December 23 in the AMAM’s Ripin Print Gallery, are featured and explored for what they say about the intersections between the two media of sculpture and photography.

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Anonymous asked: When do people usually find out if they got into any excos? I know that some of them said that you would receive an email if you got in, so I am not sure if I didn't receive anything because I didn't get in or because emails haven't been sent yet.

It depends heavily on the instructor. Good protocol is within a day or two of the fair, though that will depend on if the course is lottery-based (in theory, a quick process) or application-based (more subjective, decisions have to be made based on what you write) but in either case, definitely by the first class meeting. A good number of instructors only send emails to those accepted to the course, though I speak from personal experience in saying that it’s equally useful to get the “sorry, not this time” email as well.

As an instructor, my general process would be to send out three sets of emails (provided that I could decipher who signed my signup list) by the evening following or the morning after the ExCo fair to the accepted students, the waitlist, and the students who should try again next semester. The first two groups were invited to the first class (and anyone else who replied to the “try again” email that this was the only course they desired to take — usually one or two per semester) and we would proceed with the course from there.

I’m sorry you’re stuck in waiting limbo, and I hope that you get out of it soon!

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator 

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Coffee with Clarence: The Arts at Oberlin: New Art History Courses Fall 2012


ARTS 347 Northern Renaissance Art

A survey of painting, prints, and sculpture in the Netherlands, Germany, and France from c. 1300 to 1570. Focusing on the work of major figures such as Van Eyck, Bosch, Dürer, Holbein, and Bruegel, we will examine developments in art production, patronage,…

And some new art history courses for this fall as well.

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Coffee with Clarence: The Arts at Oberlin: New Studio Arts Courses Fall 2012


ARTS 066 Problems in: The Multiple – Text / Image

This course integrates techniques of digital and silk-screen printing. The course is grounded in concepts of artwork as multiple and varied applications of print-media. Students will research how contemporary artists use text, image and…

Thinking about studio art classes for the fall? Look into some of these options.

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