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As I rode to Kipton on the Bike Path this morning I thought about Louis Malle’s 1962 documentary about the Tour de France, Vive le Tour. It seems to me that every ride might be celebrated like the Tour is. Or at least some of them. The French certainly know how to picnic, and this is instructive. And I also think that the streets, paths, and highways of Lorain County are as worthy scene as France, and all of us as worthy as those riders. With each turn of the pedal, with each flow of the wheels, whether idling down the street or speeding to the next town over, we participate in that greater and constant ride, The River of Sweat, Cool and Eternal Torrent of Joy. There is no ride in which we are not all champions! All Tour! All the time!

And remember to wear a helmet. You don’t want your head looking (and feeling) like that.

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