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qusqu asked: Hi, I have two questions. First of all, I am curious how many foreign languages are offered at Oberlin. Second of all, I would like to know funding works for Winter Term if you go abroad or if you need to fly somewhere but don't necessarily have the money for that. Thanks so much!

Oberlin offers Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Ancient Greek (EDIT: also Latin, thanks cowboykiller!) taught by professors. There have been intensive language courses in Ancient Greek, French, Italian, Russian, and Korean (EDIT: Also German! Thanks myladyemily!) offered for winter term, taught by students and faculty in the past. There are also a handful of language ExCos taught each semester, which change with the student instructors, but I’ve seen Klingon, Korean, and Swedish (EDIT: and Lebanese! Thanks myladyemily!) in the past few years.

Relatedly, you may be interested in learning more about the Oberlin Center for Language and Culture, led by Professor Sebastiaan Faber.

When it come to funding for winter term, the only option I currently know of is a selection of winter term grants and more info on those can be found on the Office of Winter Term website. Getting in touch with/visiting their office should also provide you with more ideas and possibilities, too.

EDIT: The Office of Career Services has shared with us a few other funding options. Yay for them!

All these funding options are listed (with relevant apps) at the bottom of the intern preparedness part of the career services website.

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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Dispatch from abroad: Dr. Andria Derstine, the AMAM’s Curator of Collections and Curator of European & American Art, is spending the month of March as a Brown Foundation Fellow at the Dora Maar House, in Ménerbes, France.

The fellowship program is run by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, through the generosity of the house’s owner.  Andria is working on a project related to the AMAM’s 24 works of art – primarily by School of Paris artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, Miró, Chagall and others, including 7 works by Dubuffet – that were donated to the AMAM by Enid and Joseph Bissett. 

But she has also found time to enjoy the beauty of Provence in late winter, and to learn more about Dora Maar, Picasso’s muse and mistress from 1936-43. After Picasso left Dora, having met Françoise Gilot, he purchased the house in Ménerbes for her. She spent time there, usually summers, from the mid-1940s until shortly before her death in 1997 in Paris; the room that was formerly her studio is now elegantly appointed and houses a piano. Picasso, however, stayed there himself, with Gilot, in the summer of 1946…something that Gilot in her memoirs recalled as distasteful both to herself, and no doubt to Dora. 

Many other artists, art historians and art dealers have made Ménerbes their home, including Nicolas de Staël, John Rewald, and the Gimpel family (the AMAM’s painting by Chardin came through art dealer René Gimpel), and the town continues to attract artists and writers – thanks in no small part to the presence of the Dora Maar House and its wonderful fellowship program.

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