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Get To Know AMS: Leah Wollenberg


This month, the SMF Education Department will be introducing you to the 16 young musicians participating in this year’s Acoustic Music Seminar. Each one will be visiting the Savannah Music Festival for an incredible week of playing, creating, and writing with world-renowned artists like Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, and Bruce Molsky to name a few.


Check back tomorrow to meet a new participant!


Get to know: Leah Wollenberg


Age: 20


Hometown: Berkeley, California


After having a dream she could play violin when she was six-years-old and waking up very sad that she didn’t know how, Leah Wollenberg decided it was high time to learn. She started with a variety of fiddle styles, and now she plays everything from old-time to jazz, Celtic to Balkan.


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