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goodnightdearest asked: I was trying to answer that person's question about what to write for the Oberlin supplement and I accidentally pressed enter like an idiot and got cut off. SO WHAT I WAS SAYING: I'm of the opinion that if you really feel like it's the school for you, you can't say anything wrong. You just explain why you like it. Honestly, I didn't realize Oberlin was my first choice until I started writing that supplemental statement. And then I started ranting about how cool Oberlin is and gettin all excited.

For the-spooky-sentimentalist: goodnightdearest would like you to know that they had much more to say to you than was originally conveyed. Enjoy!

To goodnightdearest: you’re awesome and thank you for sharing. That’s really excellent advice (and I’ll personally say that I didn’t know how else to write my Oberlin supplement beyond the words just started and I couldn’t stop them… and eventually I did and started editing it down. Editing is always good.).

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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