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Anonymous asked: I go to an extremely intensive college-level math and science residential magnet school in Maine. My standardized test scores and extracurriculars are great, but because of the grading scale here, my transcript doesn't look nearly as good as it did at my old high school, where I had all As. Does Oberlin consider these factors? I don't want the high school education I've worked so hard for to actually hurt my chances.

My understanding is that admissions is looking for academic rigor rather than just straight As — did you seek out challenges, and did you rise to them? Grades are but one part of the story, the classes and academic path you chose will tell them lots.

You can read more insight on the Oberlin blogs (What’s in a GPA, What should I be taking?, and High School Obsessions are all good reads for this question), or get in touch with the admissions office (college.admissions[AT]oberlin.edu) with more specific questions regarding your grades.

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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