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What are you doing this weekend?

Friday, September 21st

Museum Tour 1-2pm @ Allen Memorial Art Museum

Health & Wellness Tour 1-2pm @ Philips Gym

Oberlin’s Energy Plan: Looking Towards the Future 1:30-2:30pm @ Hallock Auditorium

Auditorium Tour 3-3:30pm @ Hall Auditorium

Oberlin Center of Language Reception and Faculty Panel 3:30-4:30pm @ Peters Hall

All Campus Photo 4:30-5pm @ North Quad

Global Warming: Thinking it Through 4:30-5:45pm @ Hallock Auditorium

Autumn Pin Harvest Bowling Tournament 6:45-10pm @ College Lanes

Friday Night Fever – Shabbot Dinner 7:30-Midnight @ Chabad House

Ice Cream Social with Jerry Greenfield ’73 7:30-8:30pm @ Tappan Square

Enzo Avitabile Music Life 8-10pm @ Apollo Theatre

Oberlin Orchestra 8:30-10pm @ Finney Chapel

Observatory and Planetarium 9-11pm @ Peters Hall

Organ Pump 11pm – Midnight @ Finney Chapel

The Silence of the Lambs 11pm @ The Apollo Theatre

Saturday, September 22nd

Zumba Class 8-9am @ Philips Gym

Womens’ Alumni Basketball Game 8:30am @ Philips Gym

Oberlin Education in the 21st Century 9-10am @ West Lecture Hall

Dedication of the Geology Labs 10-11am @ Carnegie Building

Men’s Lacrosse Alumni Game 10am @ North Fields

Swimming and Diving Alumni Meet 10am @ Carr Pool

Kohl Building and Selch Collection Tour 10-11am @ Kohl Building

Learning by Doing: From Theory to Practice and Back 10-11:30am @ Science Center

Campus Crawl 10am – Noon @ Carnegie Building

Megan McDonald ’81 Children’s Book Reading 10:30-11:30am @ Oberlin Public Library

Women’s Rugby vs. ONU 11am @ North Fields

Women’s Volleyball vs. DePauw 11am – 1pm @ Philips Gym

Health and Wellness Tour 11am – Noon @ Philips Gym

Celebration of the Apollo Outreach Initiative 11am – Noon @ Apollo Theatre

What Inspires a Genius? Oberlin MacArthur Fellows 11am – Noon @ Warner Concert Hall

How Passion, Vision, and Persistence Can Enhance the Power of Music Education Noon – 1:30pm @ Bibbins 237

Field Hockey vs. Kenyon Noon – 2pm @ Athletic Fields

Personal Training for Students Noon – 11:45pm @ Philips Gym

Being at the Forefront: Oberlin Progressive History Noon – 1:15pm @ Hallock Auditorium

Tours of the Apollo Theatre and Cinema Studies Center Noon – 1pm @ Apollo Theatre

Distinguished Music Education Alumni Lecture Noon – 1:30pm @ Bibbins Hall

Oberlin Cultural Festival 1-4pm @ Tappan Square

Football vs. UChicago 1-4pm @ Savage Football Stadium

The Amerikans 1-2pm @ Apollo Theatre

Cinema Studies Students’ Short Films Program I 1-2pm @ Apollo Theatre

Women’s Soccer vs. Manchester 2-4pm @ Athletic Fields

Cinema Studies Faculty Films 2-3pm @ Apollo Theatre

Cinema Studies Students’ Short Films Program II 2-3pm @ Apollo Theatre

A Conversation with Alumni Authors 2-3pm @ Warner Concert Hall

Honoring the Past While Looking to the Future 2:30 – 3:30pm @ Mudd Library

Auditorium Tour 3-3:30pm @ Hall Auditorium

TIMARA Faculty and Student Films 3-4pm @ Apollo Theatre

Cinema Studies Students’ Short Films Program III 3-4pm @ Apollo Theatre

Museum Tour 3:30 – 4:30pm @ Allen Memorial Art Museum

Softball Alumni Game 4pm @ Culhane Field

Dance for the Camera: Works by Dance Faculty & Students 4-5pm @ Apollo Theatre

Cinema Studies Students’ Short Films Program IV 4-5pm @ Apollo Theatre

Afterlife: Varied Paths in Film/Nobody Walks 8-10pm @ Apollo Theatre

Social on the Square & Illumination 8-11pm @ Tappan Square

SPOKE 8-10pm @ Cat in the Cream

Punch Brothers 8:30 – 10:30pm @ Finney Chapel

Scarves ‘N’ Shades 10pm @The ‘Sco

All the President’s Men 11pm @ Apollo Theatre

Sunday, September 23rd

Baseball Alumni Game 10am @ Dill Field

Personal Training for Students Noon – 11:45pm @ Philips Gym

AMAM Sunday Object Talk 2-2:30pm @ Allen Memorial Art Museum

Auditorium Tour 3-3:30pm @ Hall Auditorium

Oberlin’s Traditional Irish Session 3-5pm @ Slow Train Café

Louis 7-9pm @ The Apollo

Guest Lecture Recital with John Zaretti 8-10pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

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