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Anonymous asked: My ACT scores are somewhat higher than my SAT scores; would it be better for me to only send in my ACT scores while applying?

From the admissions website: 

We accept either the SAT or ACT Plus Writing. For the SAT, we consider your highest scores in Critical Reading, Math and Writing, even if they were earned on different test dates. We require either an official score report from the testing agency or the inclusion of your test scores on your high school transcript.

From an admissions officier I just chatted with:

Students can submit whichever scores you feel most comfortable with reporting. Since we take either score, it is entirely up to you. However, we require the ACT with Writing in order to deem an application complete, therefore, if you did not take the writing section of the SAT, I recommend you submit both their ACT and SAT scores. 

Hope this helps!

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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