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Anonymous asked: Are there any free fitness or dance classes?

Yes, and yes.

There are dance classes are taught through the theater and dance department, which usually require a basic audition but are open to everyone. Read more on the department here or the courses here. There are also student-taught ExCos (and/or partnering clubs such as ViBE and OSwing and Contra Club) offered in tango, swing, blues, tap, jazz and more depending on the semester.

There are fitness classes offered through the physical education department (usually they are offered as module courses) plus there are $2 drop-in yoga and fitness classes offered through the Center for Leadership and Health Promotion. There’s also a month-long program organized in September called OBFit (last year’s schedule is here) to start off the academic year with a variety of physical fitness activities.

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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