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What are you doing this weekend?

Friday, April 13th

Alternatives to Violence Project Training 6-9pm @ First United Methodist Church

The Harvest Screening and Discussion 7:30-9pm @ Wilder 101

Dandelion Romp Lesson 7:30-8pm, Dance 8pm- Midnight @ Hales Gym

Spring Back Dance Concert 8-10pm @ Warner Center

OCIC Pro Show 8-11pm @ Cat in the Cream

Terry Hsieh Collective 8pm @ Slow Train Cafe

FIGHT! 8-9pm @ Little Theater

Contemporary Music Ensemble 8-10pm @ Warner Concert Hall

Artist Diploma Recital: Jonathan Moyer, organ 8-9:30pm @ Finney Chapel

Face/Off 9pm @ West Lecture Hall

Organ Pump Midnight -1:30am @ Finney Chapel

Saturday, April 14th

Dandelion Romp Workshops 9am-3:30pm @ Cat in the Cream & Hales Gym

Women’s Rugby vs Akron 11am-1:45pm @ North Fields

OCIC Improv Workshops 11am-6pm @ King Hall

OC Unconventional Tournament 12-5pm @ Hales Annex

Albino Squirrels Coed Soccer Match 12-2pm @ North Fields

Women’s Lacrosse vs. Allegheny 1-3pm @ Athletic Fields

OSWAMP Buckthorn Cleanup 1-3pm @ The Arb

Men’s Rugby vs. Tiffin 1-2pm @ North Fields

WonderWash & Tie Dye 1-4pm @ North Quad

Senior Recital: Austin Bradley, baritone 1:30-2:45pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

FIGHT! 2-3pm @ Little Theater

Senior Recital: Brian Mextorf, bass-baritone 3-4pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

Guest Master Class: Matti Rackallio, piano 3-5pm @ Clonick Hall

Clayfoot Strutters & Rodney Miller’s Blue Ribbon Dance Band 4:15-5:15pm @ Hales Gym

Gasland Screening 4:30-6:30pm @ West Lecture Hall

Master’s Recital: Patrick Jones, fortepiano 6:30-7:45pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

Mythos Trio in Concert 6:30-8pm @ French House

Spring Back Dance Concert 8-10pm @ Warner Center

Cross Listed: Faculty Art Show 8pm @ Baron Gallery

FIGHT! 8-9pm @ Little Theater

Improv Conference: Improv ‘Til You Drop 8pm @ Cat in the Cream

Backbone 8-9:45pm @ Slow Train Café

Oberlin Chamber Orchestra 8-10pm @ Finney Chapel

Thor 9pm @ West Lecture Hall

Soul Session 10-11:30pm @ Afrikan Heritage House

Steve Lehman Trio 10pm @ The Sco

Sunday, April 15th

Dandelion Romp Workshops 9am-12pm @ Cat in the Cream & Hales Gym

Frank Lloyd Wright Open House 12-5pm @ Frank Lloyd Wright House

Softball vs. Thiel 1-3pm @ Athletic Fields

Farewell Dance 1-4pm @ Hales Gym

Body Mapping Workshop with Flutist Kelly Wilson 1-3:45pm @ Bibbins Hall

Arthur Dann Piano Competition 1-4pm @ Finney Chapel

Senior Recital: Brittney Walker, bassoon 1:30-3pm @ Kulas Recial Hall

Sunday Object Talk – Sarah Riecke 2-2:15pm @ Allen Memorial Art Museum

FIGHT! 2-3pm @ Little Theater

Junior Recital: Zachary Good, clarinet 3-4pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

OCircus Stilting Workshop with the Big Parade 4pm @ Big Parade Space (behind Student Health)

Blauer Salon 4-6pm @ Kade House

Master of Music Recital: Susan Shaw, baroque flute 4:30-6pm @ Conservatory Central Unit

Guest Masterclass: Jack Weinrock, piano 7-9pm @ Bibbins Hall

Pray the Devil Back to Hell 7:30-9:30pm @ Craig Lecture Hall

ObieSlam! 8-10pm @ Cat in the Cream

Senior Recital: David Doberne, saxophone 8pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

High Strung 9pm @ West Lecture Hall

Ty Segall 9pm @ The Sco

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