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Seventeen: Everything Is Oberlin & Nothing Hurts


…Everyone just seems so interesting, intelligent, kind, generous, active, more wonderful adjectives, etc. It’s actually quite inspiring to see all the different and unique people I will be going to school with for the next four years. Their differences and what they’re doing with their lives now, only makes me want to do more with mine. I look at the people on the page and there’s the girl who’s stellar at gymnastics, or the boy from Geneva who DJs in his spare time. There are tons of people from NYC or SoCal who are pros at wandering the streets of big cities late at night; born and raised, their heartbeats one, with places I’ve only ever been in  my dreams. All of this would be intimidating if it weren’t for how genuinely open and nice these people are. No one on the page seems haughty, or rude, or like someone I wouldn’t get along with. Everyone seems to be giddy with the delight of meeting everyone else. That’s so welcoming. That alone makes me know that I made the right choice to go to Oberlin…

Everything about this is beautiful, and why we love Oberlin so so much.

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