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Anonymous asked: I'll be coming to Oberlin next year. How does an inexperienced wannabe athlete like me get involved with Oberlin sports without making a complete fool of themselves?

Yay! Congratulations! We’re so glad you’ll be joining us.

First of all, you are not a fool. All the more power to you for want to get involved! There are two ways to get involved with sports outside of our varsity athletics: club sports and intramurals.

- Club sports are organized teams run by students but that compete against other school teams.

- Intramurals are internal teams of students that play against each other. 

Each one of those links above tell you more about possible activities involved with each division.

Even if you are not an athlete or choose to not get involved with any of the aforementioned sports, all of the athletic facilities are available for use by students. All you need is your student ID.

- Ma’ayan Plaut ‘10, Social Media Coordinator

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