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What are you doing this weekend?

**Friday, March 2nd**

Soul Soup Friday 5-8pm @ Lord-Saunders House

“All We Leave” by Brendy Wong Aoki 6:30pm @ Wilder Main

Open Observatory 7-9pm @ Peters Hall

Junior Recital: Aaron Mossburg, viola 8-9pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

Oberlin Sinfonietta, Timothy Weiss 8-10pm @ Warner Concert Hall

Open Mic 8-10pm @ Cat in the Cream

Strange Days 9pm @ West Lecture Hall

Oberlin Jazz Dance Festival 8pm @ Hales Gym

**Saturday, March 3rd**

Oberlin Jazz Dance Festival Workshops 10:15am – 4:15pm @ Wilder Main, Hales Gym, the Cat in the Cream

Master’s Recital: Jacob Street, harpsichord 4:30-6pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

17th MAASC Closing Banquet 6:30pm @ Root Room

Senior Recital: Thomas McShane, viola 6:30-7:30pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels 9pm @ West Lecture Hall

Swing Dance 9pm – 12am @ Hales Gym

Obehave: Civil War 9pm @ Cat in the Cream

Salsa Night 10pm @ The Sco

Blues Dance midnight-1:45am @ Cat in the Cream

**Sunday, March 4th**

Oberlin Jazz Dance Festival Workshops 10:15am – 4:15p @ Wilder Main, Hales Gym, Cat in the Cream

Soul Brunch 11am-noon @ Lord-Saunders House

Sunday Object Talk – Melissa Fore 2-2:15pm @ Allen Memorial Art Museum

Junior Recital: Luke Fatora, violin 3-4pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

Junior Recital: Elaine Daiber, soprano 4:30-5:15pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

Swing Farewell Dance 4:30-6pm @ Wilder

Ancient Synagogues: Field Debates 7:30pm @ Craig Lecture Hall

Senior Recital: Matt Adomeit, double bass 8-9:15pm @ Cat in the Cream

Artist Diploma Recital: Xiomara Mass, oboe 8-9pm @ Kulas Recital Hall

Snatch 9pm @ West Lecture Hall

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